Gathering various knowledge and ideas, we produce new industry and culture through interaction and contribute to the realization of the society that each one of the citizens can have hope and enjoy radiant life. As a central stronghold of the paradigm shift, we also continue to provide people around the world with new experience and impression.


We are now approaching a time of great social change. The advanced technology, such as AI, IoT and robotics, has more and more influence not only on the industry but also people’s living and the way of life. On the other hand, more and more problems of modern industrial society are becoming apparent. We believe that rich sensitivity and fertile imagination of each person are important in this current society. In other words, a brain that each person bears can be the most valuable resources and culture and arts are indispensable to generate such power. Knowledge and ideas grown on such backgrounds will solve the problems and draw a question for the future and a new interpretation of the world.
I have created a human network of various natures and talents in Japan and that was why I named my company SUPERSTATION after a cross-disciplinary bridgehead. Now, the purpose of the launch of SUPERSTATION International, Ltd. is to spread this idea, to produce a field for knowledge from Asia and the world to gather, and to realize a base of human resources ecosystem in Hong Kong. We are to contribute with them to solve problems that human beings are facing.
Everyone agrees that technology is important, however, it is necessary to add the viewpoint of psychology and feeling of humans on top of it. Although the Internet and the social media are at the height, we place importance on seeing each other, establishing Face-to-Face relationship and creating values through mutual trust. Making the best use of past experience, SUPERSTATION International, Ltd. provides a new experience by combing the advanced technology and novel ideas in the harmony of value and culture from around the world.


Takuya Nomura
CEO, SUPERSTATION International Limited

Takuya Nomura  

President, SUPERSTATION, inc. / General Producer, Knowledge Capital Association
Policy Adviser to the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan / Guest Professor, Kansai University
Guest Professor, Osaka University of Arts / Guest Professor, Otemae University

Takuya Nomura

Takuya Nomura was born in Osaka and received B.A. from Kansai University, Osaka, Japan.
After several years’ experience in an ad agency, he started his own company, SUPERSTATION, Inc. He has planned and produced various projects for the promotion of the creative sector such as demonstration experiments through a high- speed network by the collaboration with universities and industries, an image products contest, “ISCA”, for young creators of college and university students and a creative business matching fair, “Osaka Sozo Torihikisho.”
He started working as a General Producer of Knowledge Capital, the core facility at Grand Front Osaka located in Umekita area, the very central area of Osaka, in 2009 before its official opening. He has worked mainly on planning concepts and whole business vision and strategies and promoting the participation of corporations for joint business and development.

Hideo Miyahara, Ph.D.  
Executive Adviser

Representative Director, Knowledge Capital Association
The Former President, Osaka University

Hideo Miyahara, Ph.D.

Hideo Miyahara graduated from Osaka University in 1967 and received his Ph.D. degrees in communications engineering from Osaka University in 1973. He joined IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center as a visiting researcher in 1983, and he turned to a Professor with the School of Engineering Science, Osaka University in 1989, and the Director of the Cybermedia Center, Osaka University in 1995. Subsequently, he has held various posts successively, such as the President of Osaka University in 2003, the President of National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in 2007, the Representative Director, Consortium Kansai for Advanced Medical Engineering and Informatics in 2009, and the Research Director & Member of the Board, Asia Pacific Institute of Research in 2011.

Andy Chung  
Executive Director

Founding Vice-Chairman, Cyberport Startup Alumni Association
Chairman of Green Committee, Smart City Consortium
Founder, Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia

Andy Chung

Andy Chung is an award-winning innovator and entrepreneur with special interests in intelligent sensing, data management and human-machine interaction. Andy earned his bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Andy started his career in the advanced product session of Motorola developing liquid crystal display technologies. After taking various roles in planning and managing green infrastructure projects for an international conglomerate, Andy started his own businesses offering innovative solutions for the sustainable development of smart cities.


SUPERSTATION, inc. was established in 1992 in Osaka, Japan. Starting with planning and producing TV programmes and digital contents, we produced a number of demonstration experiment projects, utilizing the high-speed network as cooperation with industry, government and academia, and other creative industry development projects.
We have been in charge of making a concept and planning business strategies for “Knowledge Capital”, a field for creating new values through the exchange of knowledge. It is a core facility of the complex called “Grand Front Osaka” as a part of the redevelopment project of the area expanding north of Osaka station.
Even after its inauguration in 2013, we have produced the whole management, events and promotion. More particularly focusing on the international relations, we established strong partnerships with Hong Kong government agency and corporations, which resulted in establishment of an overseas affiliated firm in Hong Kong in October 2018, with support from close partners.


A project design company

Producing the grand idea of “new things”and project making

Past project: planning and producing Grand Front Osaka “Knowledge Capital”

Planning and producing events

Mainly of an international award and large-scale festivals

Past project: planning and producing “Umekita Festival 2016”, Grand Front Osaka

Hospitality service for a membership facility or corporation

Membership administration and matching service

Past project: management of “Knowledge Salon”, a membership salon in Knowledge Capital

Nomura Takuya Office, INC.
Nomura Takuya Office, INC.
An individual firm of Takuya Nomura

Lecture, writing a manuscript, a jury for a competition, generating ideas and planning

Past project: grand concept making for “Umekita 2nd Phase Development”, Osaka Redevelopment Project

Company's Outline

Company Name SUPERSTATION International Limited
Board Members CEO / Takuya Nomura
Executive Advisor / Hideo Miyahara, Ph.D.
Executive Director / Andy Chung
Director / Keisuke Innami
Establishment Date October 21, 2018
Address Units 908-915, Level 9, Smart-Space 3F
Cyberport 3, Core F, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong